Launched on February 14th, 2015 in San Francisco, Atelier Prélude is a French startup committed to sourcing the world's softest, natural fabrics with the mission to promote sustainable fashion.  As a global player through online distribution, Atelier Prelude's collections include versatile, yet beautiful pieces meant to be worn every day, on every occasion, by every woman. 




In the era of "fast fashion", when low-quality products are produced in bulk and discarded within a year, it is tempting to dismiss the importance of quality. Needless to say, a disposable piece of clothing can never match the craftsmanship of an item designed to provide lasting value. High-quality clothing is fundamentally different in terms of texture and comfort, two factors that cheap materials by their very nature are unable to match.

At Atelier Prelude, we care to source only the finest materials from around the world to create timeless pieces that last. After launching our signature organic cotton nuisette, we have since then sourced and partnered with the world's most valued cashmere suppliers to provide garments of substance, relevance & quality and grow into a full boutique. The soft touch of Atelier Prelude's selective fabrics on your skin will make you a believer.




At Atelier Prelude, we are committed to creating community, creativity and everlasting change. We are a small business with big dreams. And we are well aware that in order to grow steadily, we must consciously select suppliers and partners whose values align. We aim to carefully and efficiently use natural resources to protect our environment by choosing safe textiles that are 100% pure, natural, luxurious and biodegradable. 

[ COTTON ] Located in Texas, our cotton plants are compliant to Global Organic Textile Standards and considered to be the highest-quality cotton varieties. The hull fibers growing around the seeds of the shrubs are harvested to produce cotton. These natural fibers are then spun into thread and sold on the market as raw material. 


Natural cotton fibers are gentle on the skin and incredibly durable. The airy structure of the plant allows it to breathe and helps regulate body temperature. Cotton is also the most recommended fabric by dermatologists, well-known for its hypoallergenic benefits and low risk of potential allergies or skin irritation. 


[ WOOL ] Merino wool is produced from the soft fur of merino sheep. 


As a natural fiber, wool is distinguished by its ability to regulate temperature. Wool can be worn almost all year long- even in extreme cold, heat or humidity. it is able to absorb a significant amount of moisture without feeling damp. With the correct care, most wool fabrics retain their shape easily and are very crease-resistant. 


[ CASHMERE ] Cashmere fibers are harvested by combing out the soft undercoat of the cashmere goat. Every animal produces around 150g of fibers, which must be (manually) cleaned and separated from the individual guard hairs. 


The hair of the cashmere goat has a unique luster, and is extremely soft and smooth. The goats' special living conditions, their rarity and the demanding harvesting process make cashmere fibers very precious. It is strongly recommended that care instructions be followed for cashmere products at all times.


Atelier Prélude is now a like-minded community of conscientious thinkers, artists and designers. We are devoted to making your daily life better with sustainable and eco-friendly garments. We applaud you for choosing to ditch synthetics as much as possible and go for natural fibers. Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter, as we try to offer weekly deals to keep our products accessible. We also love connecting with people on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Thank you for joining our community, and for supporting small businesses!